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Mother Muse: Fiona Goddard

There’s a lot to admire about self-confessed beauty junkie, freelance hair and makeup artist, Fiona Goddard – not least her impeccable beauty and style. Fiona says making women feel amazing is the best job in the world! Away from her business, however, it is all about her adorable daughter Billie, 6 months. We talk to Fi about the joys and complexities of motherhood, the power of kindness, confidence in the skin you’re in and raising Billie with the same passion and awareness.

Fiona Wright with Daughter Billie for Saben Mother's Day campaign

Tell us about your work

I work for myself doing Freelance Hair and Makeup specialising in weddings all around New Zealand.

The joys of freelance

I love the flexibility of running my own schedule, my office is never the same as I get to travel to some incredible places in NZ! The best part about working with brides is they usually do so much research into who they would like to book its a massive compliment and credit to my work to be the one to get them ready on their special day. 

Tell us about your pregnancy with baby B (how you found out, or a story abot managing morning sickness during a bride trial… anything that comes to mind

I had the worst pregnancy brain! A little story for you..

One time I did the groceries and was just about to check out when the store manager came up to me and said excuse me Miss is this your trolley…only to look down and see another ladies handbag and some strange groceries that weren’t mine! I had commandeered her trolley in the veggie section lord knows how?! The worst thing was I had my own handbag wearing it cross body! So some poor lady had been stressing thinking her handbag had been stolen

Your thoughts on motherhood

Becoming a mother gave me a huge realisation of how fabulous we woman are, we literally can do it all, the ultimate masters of multitasking! It gave me a new respect for my own Mother too. 

What motherhood means to you

Being a mother to me means being the best role model for Billie I can be. 

What you didn’t see coming

The new born stage I found extremely tough, Healing from a C-section & struggling with breastfeeding really made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough! Being sleep deprived brought on a lot of anxieties especially with learning to accept my new body.I felt as though there were some really low and alone times even though I was never alone. BUT, I survived and am here to tell you it gets better and you find your way again. Whatever you experience, other mamas have been there too and you are NEVER alone in this GF, it doesn't make you a bad mother to admit it’s hard. 

Best parenting advice you received

Take help when it is offered and it’s OK to ask for help when you need it. It will only make you a better mother having had a break! It really does take a village to raise a baby.

If you could share something with expecting mothers what would it be… 

No one knows your baby better than you do so trust your own instinct! When I was pregnant I worried I wouldn't have mother’s intuition. Trust me when I tell you it is there and kicks in when you most need it.

Values you hope to instil in Billie

I want to teach her the power of kindness, confidence to be herself and know that her Mum and Dad will always support her. 

Style is an innate part of who you are, how did you find dressing your bump and what about post-partum, what makes you feel fab?

I 100% LOVED dressing the bump! It was such a feel-good factor of my pregnancy to make an effort; probably the only time in my life I have enjoyed wearing figure hugging clothing - so that was a first! The only downside, I found it really hard to get my groove back once I gave birth. I felt like I had lost that fab feeling and didn’t quite feel like my old self! But it comes back slowly and you have to be kind to yourself in the process! 

What were you looking for in a baby bag? 

It was so important for me to find something that didn’t look like a baby bag yet had all the practical functions, amazing quality as it gets used everyday and will go everywhere you and your baby does!

Fiona wears NEW Saben Freddie bag - Designed with mothers in mind. Large enough to fit all your essential items it also doubles up perfectly as a work bag, weekend bag, gym bag, hospital bag or carry-on bag. The optional shoulder strap allows you to go hands free, whilst numerous pockets and an elasticised bottle holders allows you to keep it all neatly organised.

Fiona Wright and daughter Billie for the Saben Mothers Day campaign wearing new Freddie handbag

Fiona Wrighte for Saben Mothers Day campaign wearing New Freddie nappy bag