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Mother Muse: Mandy Duncan

Mandy Duncan is an intelligent and beautiful young woman. The self-taught business-owner and influencer is testament to the fact that if you work hard and stay true to your vision then greatness will follow.. On meeting Mandy it is her refreshing witt, and no-filtered conversation that is most intriguing. We chat with Mandy about business and motherhood...

 Mandy Duncan for Saben Mother's Day Campaign

A bit on Noah and Bowie – the babes

They literally are the funniest kids ever. Noah has the most gentle soul, he's special, like really really special. He's pretty much my best friend. He made me a mum at the age of 18 (just a baby !) so our bond is crazy beautiful. Bowie is an absolute firecracker with the kindest heart. She’s smart and knows how to push my buttons sometimes but she is also so incredibly empathic. She has got the most hilarious sense of humour as well. They just light up my whole world basically. 

A bit on Noah and Bowie – the business

I started Noah & Bowie when I had Bowie. It was my way of being able to stay at home with my kids and earn some sort of income to help my family. I never imagined it would be where it is today; but I really am so grateful I get to do what I love everyday. (See more of Noah & Bowie here: )

Best part about becoming a mother

I think it’s having these little people around you that just completely accept and love you for who you are.

The values you want to instil in your children

Honestly, I just want them to be good people. I want them to know that it’s cool to be kind and to always think before they act. 

Bag of tricks! What are the essentials you carry in your Saben handbag bag to suit your days in the transition between work, fab events, and motherhood…

I always have a pressed foundation compact in my bag, my phone, and a water bottle …I always find stuff like chip packets and jump socks in there though! haha. 

Mandy wears Saben style, Lou. Perfect from work to weekend, with the ease and elegance of a cross-body strap when her arms are full with her babes. Shop Lou HERE

Mandy Duncan and kids Noah and Bowie for Saben Mothers Day

Mandy Duncan with Noah and Bowie for Saben Mother's Day Campaign