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Mother Muse: Sylvia Yang

Sylvia manages film and production projects as well as being a freelance marketing consultant and most importantly mother to son Shunta (2.5 years). It sounds like more than one person can manage yet she is calm, present and charmingly funny. 

Still in the chaos, we chat to Sylvia about work, raising Shunta, travel and finding balance.

Sylvia Yang for Saben Mothers Day campaign



Tell us about about the latest project you are working on

Working on another major Chinese Internet drama at the moment, the production from China is going to shoot parts of their 48-episode here in NZ. They come here for our beautiful scenery, obviously! Quite a challenge, as it is a very large group that’s coming over, the sheer logistics of getting everyone and everything to NZ and around NZ is a major task, and on top of that there’s local crew, equipment, catering, accommodation, etc etc, the list goes on. But definitely very excited about it.

Your weekly ritual wind-down

Sunday Chinese classics class, take a moment to step out of every life and focus on something else. Often if there is something bothering me, or unresolved in my mind by the end of class I have gained fresh perspective and clarity.

How you manage motherhood among your workload

Most of my days are flexible, working from home, in and out for meetings, or back-to-back meetings or closer to filming I’ll be in the production office planning, then in full production mode it can be 12 hour days plus, thank goodness for my mum!

Tell us about your mum

She is incredible. Mum has a childlike heart, and a curious mind; forever young. My husband isn’t much of a traveller, so I always take mum. Her Shunta and I are a little trio.

Your plans for Mother’s Day

Might be a work day for me, unfortunately. Have my normal Chinese classics/calligraphy class in the morning, and meet our producers,who are coming in from China, in the afternoon. But definitely will save lunch time for my family, might do some cooking together with Shunta, or we might have a simple picnic lunch in the backyard, under the trees. (if we are blessed with a Sunny day!)

What does motherhood mean to you

Responsibilities, to Shunta and myself. For Shunta to be the best he could be, I must be the best I could be, because children learn from watching what we do. Walk the talk, not talk the talk.

More gratitude and respect, to my mother and people around me. There’s a saying in Chinese that goes something like this “It’s not until we are parents ourselves, do we understand the love and kindness of our parents.” So true!

What is your and Shunta favourite thing to do together

He loves to dance! (I love to dance) At home I am always playing different kinds of music, and we dance together.

What you didn’t see coming

Everyone says children mimic their environment, but I didn’t realise HOW MUCH this would happen. Beyond the intentional teachings, children are constantly picking things up. I feel this pressure to always be the best version of myself when I am with Shunta.

The values you hope to instil in your son

I always believe that ‘who you are in 5 years, are the books you read and the people you surround yourself with.’  Life is always a choice (apart from your family), choose wisely.

Be kind to everyone around you, and be true to yourself.

What key things do you need from your favourite Saben handbag for transition between work-mode and mum-mode

Something that’s versatile AND stylish, with lots of space and volume! A timeless piece I can take everywhere, to all occasions, albiet the filming locations, dinner parties, playground and grocery shopping!

Sylvia wears Mae bordeuax, a chic and compact handbag wth the ease and elegance of a cross-body.

Sylvia Yang and son Shunta for Saben Mother's Day campaign