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Meet Jasmine Barratt - Our Community Story | BY YOUR SIDE | Mother's Day 2024

jasmine barratt saben mothers day

 Jasmine wears Nina Black, and Milan throughout.

Each year we hold a spot on our Mother's Day campaign for someone in our community. It's our privilege this year to share Jasmine's journey to motherhood is a touching story of strength and love, despite the loss of her own mother at a very young age.

Approaching her first Mother's Day with Roman, her son, she reflects on the healing and joy he has brought into her life. Through her experiences, she shares the importance of embracing maternal instincts, cherishing memories, and creating new traditions.

Jasmine, as you approach your first Mother's Day as a mum, how does it feel to reflect on your journey to motherhood and the unique path you've taken?

All I have ever wanted was to be a mum. 10 months of Motherhood and I still pinch myself that I am living my dream. Don’t get me wrong, it is hard! But I appreciate that I am on this journey every single day.
Growing up without your mum must have been challenging. How have you found strength and resilience in your own journey as a mother, especially with Roman now in your life?

I have always thought the 12 months I got with my mum was such a short amount of time, but since spending the last 10 months with Roman, I have begun to really appreciate the time we did have together. Knowing my mum and I too would have had created so many special memories; slow mornings, daily outings, midnight feeds.

It is only now that I have my own child to love, that I can understand how much my own mum would have loved me. It has been a huge part of my healing journey that I really didn’t know I needed.

The word "mum" has taken on a special significance for you since becoming a mother to Roman. Can you describe the emotions and healing you've experienced through this newfound title?

Mum – a title I know that I am beyond lucky to have. One that I have dreamt of owning, but never knew if I would be lucky enough to gain. Without my own Mum in my world, the word “Mum” has been foreign and uncomfortable to speak, but since having Roman, his first word being Mum, has been incredibly healing. That title is a translation of love and trust, and although I’m so use to hearing “Mama” now, Ill never take it for granted.


jasmine barratt saben mothers day
jasmine barratt saben mothers day


You mentioned relying on your instincts as a mother without the guidance of your own mum. How have you embraced and trusted your maternal instincts in navigating motherhood?

I kindly take on suggestions and advice from family and friends, and pick through what I feel is right for me and Roman and our situation. I have learnt to reach out for help when I need it, but to always remember that I know my baby better than anybody and will always follow my own intuition.

Your Dad played a significant role in your life as both a father and a mother figure. How has his support and guidance shaped your approach to parenting and your appreciation for the role of parents?.

My dad has always done his absolute best for me. I was an only child when my mum passed away, so the relationship between us has always been so strong. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and we were so lucky to have a big village that were by our side. My dad has shown me how important it is to surround yourself and your child with a warm and loving environment and people who will support you on your journey.

Motherhood can mean different things to different people. How would you define motherhood based on your own experiences and insights?

Motherhood is the small moments, the big ones, and everything in between. It is far from easy but so incredibly rewarding. It is loving your child and doing your best for them. For me right now, it is getting to know Roman while also getting to know this new version of myself.

jasmine barratt saben mothers day

Spending the last 9 months with Roman has surely been a journey of discovery. What are some of the most memorable moments you've shared with him so far?

One of my earliest memories with Roman was at Birthcare in his first 4 days. Getting to know him, taking in all the little things that made him Roman and learning how to mum!

Spending the summer holidays with Roman had my cup overflowing. Watching him explore at the beach, taking him camping, and spending time with his grandparents and great grandparents has been so special.
Reflecting on the love and memories your mum gave you during her short time with you, how do you carry her legacy forward in your own parenting journey?

Her journey as a mother was suddenly cut short, and that itself has intensified how important it is for me to really enjoy every day I have with Roman and never take my role as his mother for granted. I will speak about his nana often, and make sure he knows how much she would have loved him.
As you celebrate Mother's Day this year, what are some of the traditions or rituals you're looking forward to starting with Roman?

We will pick up some purple irises (my mums favourite) and start the morning at the beach of where her ashes were spread as I have done so yearly. I am really looking forward to sharing that special place with him on our special day.

Saben Style – What Saben bag is always by your side? And what’s next on your wishlist?

The Milan has been locked on my shoulder for the past 10 months, it has been the baby bag of my dreams. The Juliet Mini Bag in Black Pleated is next on my wish list, the perfect bag to accompany me on my first date night as Mum and Dad!


 Jasmine wears Nina Black, and Milan throughout.