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Mother's Day | At Home with Zeenat Wilkinson

 We chat to stylist, writer, producer, founder of SAUCE magazine, AND soon to be mother, Zeenat Wilkinson. Zeenat talks about being pregnant during the pandemic, childhood memories, and love long distance. 

zeenat wilkinson wears big sis tilly for saben handbag mothers day made out of 100% leather designed in New Zealand


With baby number one on the way, tell us what motherhood means to you and your journey so far? 

I’ve come to realize that everyone has a completely unique journey from pregnancy to birthing, but it is true what they say about first trimester and the last one. My second trimester was absolutely magical and I am so glad we were able to get away for our babymoon during that time. My third one has just kicked in and it feels like a roller coaster all over it again.

There is a lot for me to learn and discover about motherhood, but in some sense, the journey so far has been metamorphic in discovering my own femininity and ability to nurture.

How has lock-down evolved your outlook on your pregnancy and motherhood? 

Trying to navigate this period while being pregnant has been stark and intense, this should have been a joyous period and it seems to feel like it has been taken away from me in some way. But I think about all the other mums-to-be and we are connected with this similar uncertainty and emotion, which is strange and beautiful in its own way.

I am thinking about this new chapter is as a chance to do some emotional growth.

 What is something you cherish about your childhood? 

Christmas! Although we are Muslims and I grew up in India, we celebrated Christmas in a big. We would go all out with letters to Santa, gifts, milk and cookies, Christmas tree and so on. Such a special time and I have so many wonderful memories.

Love long distance - tell us about your mother, what have you learned from her and something you cherish? 

My family lives in India, so yes, it is a long-distance love. Over the years we’ve had our highs and lows but we have finally arrived at this place of gentleness and respect. One of the biggest things I’ve learned from my mum is her immeasurable care and nurture. She always  has and still  continues to go out of her way to make sure we are always happy and comfortable. 

She is also an incredible cook. 

zeenat wilkinson wears saben big sis tilly for mothers day campaign made out of 100% leather designed in New Zealand

zeenat wilkinson wears Saben handbag - big sis tilly for mothers day campaign, made out of 100% leather designed in New Zealand

 Photography: Tash and Arie Stokes of Black Robin Photography

Saben Style: Zeenat wears Saben staple Tilly’s Big Sis’. A chic and compact cross-body that it intuitively functional. Perfect to keep the essentials close and your hands free for the important things.

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