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Mother's Day | At Home with Kirsten Reid

To say that she is lovely would be a dramatic understatement. Kirtsen Reid has  limitless capacity to love, support and inspire. And, on meeting her mother lovingly called 'Nonna' by the kids, it's easy to see where she gets it. We are so grateful to be able to capture this family at home from a distance. Kirsten shares what motherhood means to her, how important the ocean is to her family and how lockdown has irrevocably changed her outlook.

Kirsten reid wears saben handbag made out of 100% leather designed in New Zealand

Kirsten reid wears saben handbag made out of 100% leather designed in New Zealand

What does motherhood mean to you? 

Motherhood is a gift. It’s a love like no other. To love and be loved. In the good times and the challenging times, in the mundane and the highs - being a mother to me, means love without strings. Unconditional love is the foundation. A foundation for kids to flourish and to dream and to become all that they were created to be.  

Being a mama brings purpose and with it, great joy, great heartache and great responsibility.  

I remember someone asking me what my dream for my life was. My answer was ‘to be a mama’. I will never forget the realisation that struck me - that is exactly what my heart desired. Yes other dreams and hopes existed for sure, but this was the one that truly mattered to me. 

What are the things your children have taught you?

Isaac, Cruz and Stella have helped me realise who I am. Being a mama has challenged me to the core of who I am  - revealed my failings and brought out the best in me through a selfless way of living. To be more OK with me. To be gentler with myself and in turn, gentler with others. 

Being a mama has brought focus to faith, clarity to what matters and less sweat for the small stuff.  I’ve learned who my children will become is more caught than taught.  What I hope to see, I first must be. 

To have a house filled with peace, starts on the inside of me. I’ve learnt even in times of chaos, God can bring peace to the inside and this can bring peace to my children’s outside.  Peace is found from the inside out and sweetens those moments when things could head south. 

 What has lockdown been like for you in your bubble?

 Movies, madness, bike rides, baking and chocolate!  We are choosing to be more present over being perfect. Keeping things simple. Practicing thankfulness at the start of the day and finding things throughout the day to be thankful for. There are always so many - sometimes you just have to be looking for them.  

I know for so many, this time has been incredibly tough and my hearts breaks for them. We are thankful that Hayden still has a job, we have a roof over our head and food on the table.  

 For me, the lock-down has been a gift. I’m happiest when I’m with my family.  I feel complete. So it’s fair to say I’ve loved it. No rush, no rigid schedule and plenty of quality time. There are days and moments where we have ‘those moments’ however for us the good has far outweighed the bad. As a family unit, we’ve become more certain in what is a very uncertain time and the kids have become closer because of it. 

Your saving Grace while confined to home?

 The ocean - without a doubt. When everyone is over it, it’s walking or riding our bikes to the beach. Even in the wind and and rain we will get there. It has a way of calming us and is so good for the soul!

 How has COVID-19 evolved your outlook?

Covid has taught me to slow down. Why am I always in such a rush? 

Time stands still for no one. Taking time to stand still and appreciate the gift of my family. This is the real gift. 

Being fully present and going slow - this is the way to unlock the real, the authentic and the truest way of being.  

Less doing and more being. 

Less looking around the corner for what’s next and more looking around my family for the next touch, the next word and the next opportunity to love.

Knowing I’m enough. In the slow and the mundane. Knowing the rush is a lie and will never give me enough - only exhaustion and a sense of being overwhelmed. 

Life is even more precious than I’d noticed. 

In my rushing I been missing the potential of a gift, available in every moment. 

It has evolved my perspective to let striving and perfectionist Kirsten off the hook - to stop, to breathe, to rest and to connect.  

Life is simpler this way. Better. More full. More real. 

Something about the sentiment of being captured at home 

Home is where my heart will always be because of these people in it. I'm a home body, an introvert and our home represents our safe place in all aspects of life.  It is our sanctuary.

Love long distance –  level three meant expanding your bubble to include Nonna, tell us little bit about her and the best thing she instilled in you, that you hope to pass on to your children

Nonna (aka my mum) is literally an angel on earth. The most loved woman I know. Everyone loves Nonna! She makes everyone feel like they are the absolute favourite no matter who you are. She is incredible at listening, encouraging you and having the ability to speak wisdom into situations at the most perfect times just when you need it most. She is my best friend and I feel so loved, supported and uplifted by her.

If I can be half the mum to my kids as she is to me - I am winning!

Are there things you catch yourself doing that your mum used to do – if so what?⁣

Ha ha yes - our forgetfulness. 

We have conversations in our heads then say the last line and expecting everyone to know what the heck we are talking about. 

Lastly her hugs. I love my mums hugs and I am definitely a hugger too!

 Kirsten reid wears saben handbag made out of 100% leather designed in New Zealand

Kirsten reid wears saben handbag made out of 100% leather designed in New Zealand

Kirsten reid wears saben handbag made out of 100% leather designed in New Zealand

 Photography: Tash and Arie Stokes of Black Robin Photography

Saben Style: Kirsten wears Saben staple Tilly’s Big Sis’. A chic and compact cross-body that it intuitively functional. Perfect to keep the essentials close and your hands free for the important things.

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