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Mother's Day | At home with Alarice Stuart

There's a lot to admire about Alarice, let alone her capacity to love and tenacity for life. Captured in her bubble with son Eli, mother Hercille and grandmother Priscilla - it's easy to see where she gets it! Alarice comes from a long line of strong, loving and fiercely independent women. The magic of capturing four generations isn't lost on us...

at home with Alarice Stuart

at home with Alarice Stuart for Saben Mother's Day

You come from a long line of epic women! Tell us about your mum and what you cherish or admire most about her.

She is one of the most hardworking people I know. I had no idea how hard it must have been for her being a single parent, working full time, and moving to another country! She did it with so much grace it wasn’t until I became a single mother myself that I realized everything she did for me. 

And your grandma?

She is one of the most selfless people I have ever met! She has been there for me 200% without judgment. It's so grounding having someone like her in my world. 

What were the key values they instilled In you that you find yourself drawing back on time and time again?

There is a South African saying "Elke Huis Het Sy Kruis" which translates to "Every home has their cross". What it means though is that every person has something they are struggling with. At the end of the day we are all people. We're all equal so never to compare myself with others which I really don't! 

Eli has often been the man about the house, how has he adjusted to your new family dynamic?

He is still the man about the house even with my new partner around. He's adjusted so well to our new family dynamic but we've all worked together like a team to make it easier for everyone. We've been really lucky that Jake and Eli have such a beautiful organic bond. 

Congratulations on your pregnancy! What does Eli think about becoming a big brother?

Thank you! He is so excited to be a big brother. He refers to the baby as "My Baby" and suggests names daily. He is so ready to become a big brother he talks to my belly and tells the baby how much he loves her/him, it's really sweet.

AND What are you most looking forward to second time around?

Sharing all the amazing moments of having a baby with a loving partner and with Eli feels really special. I think I'm also just looking forward to enjoying it more. I was so tense as a first-time mum and wanted to do everything right and stressed about everything. Sometimes we put such high expectations on ourselves that it's just not achievable and can bring a lot of disappointment when things are harder than we thought or not "perfect". So just enjoying all the moments without that pressure is going to be so nice!

What motherhood means you to:

Purpose — no matter what happens in life being a mother brings purpose.

Alarice Stuart with her mum and grandmother for Saben mothers day

at home with alarice

at home with Alarice Stuart

Alarice Stuart and her son Eli

alarice stuart bay bump

Saben Style:

Alarice wears Porter Tote, an ideal piece to stash your laptop in worl mode or nappies (and some) for mum-mode. We recommend pairing it with an organiser / bag insert to keep it all neatly stashed inside. 

Priscilla wears a forever fave, Matilda and Hersille wears luxe slouchy carry-all Bex.

Stay in touch:Follow Alarice on Instagram @alaricestuart and see more of her magic as a brand strategist and web designer on her website