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Heralding from Mount Maunganui, we talk to friends, designers and co-founders of Blakchaos Beks and Teresa about fashion, friendship in business, and all the good spots in The Bay you must visit this summer.

Blakchaos founders Beks and Teresa and Saben stockists Q&A

Two brands behind the scenes sharing a collaborative retail space, talk us through those early days, what was the foundation dream behind Blakchaos, AND how has that since evolved?

We knew their was an opportunity to present both BLAK and Chaos & Harmony in a way that connected to our customers and also gave the full vision of each collection. It’s and exciting part of the business that is always prominent in making decisions going forward.

We like the idea the two brands can be separate but also be complimentery


Perks of working with your pal?

Beks -It’s great to be with someone like-minded where you can push each-other to try for new things and to also share some of the challenges you face. Teresa is always up a new opportunity and that’s so great to share.


Teresa  - The biggest perk is having the full support of Beks. There is an amazing dynamic between us, we bring different strengths which helps to enhance what we offer to our customers and our team. It also totally helps with the juggle of running a successful business and being Mums!


Has there been a moment that has really challenged/shaped/strengthened your friendship through business?

Beks - We do work quite separately as we have own businesses to run, but when we come together on certain things like the store, its an exciting time to share ideas. We are both very project orientated which is such a great bonus. And both being working mums means we get the balance of ambition and family and what’s important at the end of the day.


Teresa - The whole journey has shaped our friendship, we come together most when we are nutting out a new concept/idea, this is where we thrive and what excites us - both being creative minds! Each new challenge and success drives and brings us together. The personality trait we share is “Achieving” this is so important to both of us and is definitely what brings us the most joy!


What is your method or vision when sourcing other brands and pieces for the store.

Beks - We look for items that help complete a full look for our customers. We love to be able to dress them from head to toe. We also look for a chemistry and similar values in the brands we stock. We love building relationships and connecting with other amazing creatives.

Teresa - The aesthetic and Brand values are most important to us. We need to ensure our customers are only given the best of the best in terms of quality and consumer support, along with interesting and engaging product that excites! Our customers trust us and our store so this is forefront of mind when looking for new additions


 What trends have piqued your interest for summer? What should people be investing in right now?

Beks - Our Sweet mules are the easy transition into summer and the Lux heel is the perfect shoe to take you from casual days to going out. The height is super comfortable to wear.

 Teresa - Fresh whites and neutrals. Imagine outfitting for dinner seaside in Italy or Greece. It’s all about crisp linens, frills and sleeve details! My favourite outfit on the go at the moment is the Elusive dress, or the Dreamer Romper both in white!


Is there an underlying philosophy to your own style? And do you think this inevitably translates into the store?

Beks - My style is constantly evolving. Some days Im very understanted in my dress, and then some days it’s a little more busy, but I need a clear space for creativity. SO I love the idea of having a sleek and spacious store that allows the mind to breath.  We don’t always achieve that but its definiley somethng we aim for.


Teresa - Our love of clean lines with uncomplicated style most definitely translates into the store! We love a fresh spacious environment. A place where our customers walk in and feel relaxed, at home, like they can take a breath, sit back and enjoy the beautiful space.



Saben Staple  - The White Walker belt bag. This has made me so much happier when I travel. I was really getting a sore shoulder with having even a small back over it and now being able to wear the Walker around my waist or across my body has travel simple.

Saben Splurge  -  Oh gosh – so many, white Jaxon, black Roma or black Curtis. I do think I need a roma in my life to carry things around. My current work back is on it’s last legs. And I love big bags.



Saben Staple  - The Frilly Tilly! This is such a statement piece while still being so perfectly practical. I am in love with the divided sections inside to keep me organised. Especially perfect for traveling to different countries and needing to seperate the currencies!


Saben Splurge - The Porter! I love this oversized leather tote. It perfectly suits my more paired back look and most of all fits everything I need to haul around with me! Especially when I am traveling, its the perfect bag for all those extra’s you need on hand for long haul flights!


LOCAL HANGS, For those migrating to The Mt this summer (or locals looking for fresh inspo) TELL US ABOUT ALL YOUR SPOTS

    • Eat – The General for lunch, Iki Bar for Dinner
    • Drink – Hide Bar
    • Coffee – Don’t drink coffee but go for Luca or The General
    • Treats – Sponge Drop
    • Take the kids to – Palace Burger
    • Where will you be escaping too – Beks :We will head to Taupo for a week with the kids. Otherwise we will be nearby hanging with family.
    • Teresa: A quick escape to Raro for a few nights before the madness of Christmas Prep in the stores!

 Once we’ve shopped at Blakchaos, where else do we go? Paper plane for homewares

Beks from Chaos and Harmony stocking Saben for Blackchaos

Blakchaos Saben stockists

 Q&A with Saben stockists Blackchaos boutique in Mt Maunganui

Teresa from Blakchaos with her Saben bag

Mount Maunganui store Blakchaos stockists of Saben

Saben stockists blakchaos Beks and Teresa Q&A

Photography shot and directed by the creative Erica Jane.