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MUM'S THE WORD | Meet Teacher/Tiktoker Samantha and her mum Annie

Samantha and Annie

Nurturing, guiding and caring for children runs in the family, both Samantha and Annie are teachers, which comes as no surprise when you meet them. Both women have a sense of warmth that reminds you of your favourite primary school teacher.

Following in her Mother’s footsteps, Samantha teaches classes of funny, sweet and rambunctious 5 & 6 year olds. Unlike her mother, Samantha has the opportunity to harness technology as a teaching tool in a way that wasn’t possible for previous generations of teachers. 

Using TikTok, Samantha is able to share what inspires her, in the hope that it inspires others too.

We chat to her about what inspired her to follow in her mum’s footsteps and what she loved about school when she was a young’un...all while trying to use their ‘inside voice’.

The best thing about the children you’ve taught and, what you cherish or what they have taught YOU

The students that I have taught over the last six years have all been bright, sweet and full of joy. They have taught me that you can find fun in absolutely everything. 

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What inspired you to become a teacher?

My Mum! She’s the most generous, gentle, and compassionate person I know. Her entire career has been in early childhood education. So it was a no-brainer for me to enter the world of education too!

Growing up, what was your favourite thing about school?

The people. I loved making new friends and chatting to people in classes. I also loved all of my teachers. 

Who were the teachers and adults who made a lasting impact and helped shape the woman you are today?

I had one teacher two years in a row in primary school and she was fantastic. She was so tough on me, but that was exactly what I needed at the time. She was tough because she cared and I learnt so much in my two years with her.

I also had an amazing art history teacher in my last two years of high school. She was in her early 30s when she taught me and I learnt so much about what it means to be a composed, smart and confident woman from her.

Of course, my Mum is beyond brilliant. So are my cousins, aunties and grandmothers. We’re a very close, female led family and I love it. 

How has school changed since you were in primary school

It has changed in so many ways. Things like the curriculum, technology and other resources that are available now that weren’t available back then. But in so many ways it’s still the same. School is still a place full of laughter, sunshine and fun. We still sing, share and play. School really is a very special place to be. 

There are so many conversations around children and technology these days. You’re doing something incredible and using TikTok as a teaching tool. How did you discover that was possible?

I just started posting without thinking too much about it. I was posting about resources that I loved, crafts that I enjoyed doing with my students and just every day teacher life. Eventually, it snowballed into the platform that it is today; a space to share things in the world of education that are inspiring me, in the hopes that it inspires others too.  

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As part of our Mother's day campaign, we've donated to your chosen charity, Radio Lollipop. Do you mind sharing why they’re so special to you?

When I was five my little brother was born. His name is Nick, and he has Down Syndrome. He was born with many other medical conditions too. The first six months of Nick’s life were spent in Starship Hospital.

Radio Lollipop is an organisation based in children’s hospitals. Their volunteers go around wards every day playing with kids just like my brother, as well as their siblings.

While Nick was in hospital the Radio Lollipop volunteers would help me with my reading homework, play with me and just talk to me about my day. I ended up becoming a Radio Lollipop volunteer myself for just under two years. The organisation holds a very special place in my heart. 

SABEN - What bag have you chosen and what drew you to this one?

Where can our fans find you? (Feel free to add links to your social channels)

I have chosen the Tilbury Shoulder tote bag. I chose it because teachers love totes, and as far as totes go this one is as fabulous as it gets!

If anyone would like to find me online they can do so at @_missrichards on instagram and @_samantharichards on tiktok! 

Annie, what does being a teacher mean to you?

Inspiring young minds to reach their full potential and building meaningful relationships with whanau who have entrusted us the care and education of their most precious gift…their children.

How would you describe Sam in one sentence?

Sam is dedicated, fun, genuine, creative, caring. She's an inspiration to all that she meets.

SABEN - What bag have you chosen and what drew you to this one?

I have chosen the Harlow Shoulder bag. I was drawn to it for it's simple yet elegant silhouette. I can see this being a staple piece in my wardrobe for years to come! 

Samantha wears Odette Black and her mum Annie wears Tilly Crossbody and new season shape Harlow.

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