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Meet Pou, this years community casting call winner. 

We were overwhelmed with incredible stories of motherhood, and the strength of the women in our community.  We were inspired by Pou's story of overcoming, her dedication to her children, and her pertinent words of the realities of life with young children.

Here is the snippet from Pou's email entry on Motherhood:

"When I got pregnant and had my eldest son, the moment I laid eyes on my little boy I knew, I knew that my life will never be the same and that this little boy was going to be my saving grace. 

I felt a love that I have never felt before. In that moment I found a new sense of strength and determination, I got myself out of that dark hole. That hole belonged to the old me, the historical me. The new me found a new world that I could only see when I look into my son’s eyes.

The new me found a new world that I could only see when I look into my son’s eyes. I left my toxic marriage, found an apartment for my son and I and started a new life for the both of us. I found love again, got married and had 2 more kids with my husband now. 

Motherhood saved me. My boy, Jeremiah who i owe my whole entire life to, saved me. I hold that title so dear to my heart. From then on I sacrificed 5 years of my life to dedicate my time and my attention whole heartedly on my kids. I wanted to give them time, quality time, to be able to watch their first smile, their first roll, their first crawl to walk and talk.

And of course the perks that comes with motherhood, the tireless nights, the messy household and the mastitis that left you to shiver for nights. Wearing active wear from January to December, to toilet training and the never ending tantrums in the middle of Kmart.

The non stop excuses to go toilet when it comes to bed time and the shouting out “SHIZZ” whenever mum drops something.

I treasure all the moments of being a mum, its a title I will forever be grateful for and I look forward to the day my kids will also share the same love I have for them with their own children. A mother’s love endures through all" 

 saben mothers day campaign black odile handbag worn by po betton

You grew up in a large family, was having family of your own something you’ve always dreamed of?

Growing up in a large family I thought that having them was enough. Kids was not in the future for me as I was always surrounded by siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews and my heart was already full, it didn’t really cross my mind the idea of being a mum at some point later in life.

However, looking back, I was so glad for my upbringing because it not only taught me to be the mum, I am today but also the feeling of having a big family is something I wanted as soon as I became a mum because of the love and fulfilment I felt growing up in a large family.

Tell us about your kids? What are they like? The things you cherish about them. The things that test you? What have they taught you? 

The best way I would describe my kids is how much fun they all are. All different in their own way but they a hilarious! I find myself every day in awe of their little personalities, our oldest Jeremiah is the calm protective and very emotional big brother. Aaliyah is the little princess in our little family, she is confident, brave, courageous and also a very bossy little madam, yet she has so much love to give. Wolf is our little cheeky boy, he is the dare devil of them all, likes to push boundaries and has 0 care factor to what you think of him, so sometimes we have to remind him that he is actually the youngest of the tribe LOL

The things I cherish about them would be all the love they have to offer each other and others around them. They create their own world around them, and I love the innocence that they carry and just simply enjoying being young and free and not trying to grow up too fast.

The things that’s tests me the most about motherhood wouldn’t exactly be my kids but more today’s society. I feel like sometimes society can be very cruel especially to kids, so I become very protective and sometimes my emotions get the better of me.

My kids have taught me to be more expressive with the love I have to give and never to be ashamed of it. I grew up with a culture that it was almost taboo to be expressive of showing your love to your kids or spouse, so all 3 of my kids would randomly tell me throughout the day “ I love you mummy” and it melts me every time. It also gives me confidence to be able to express my love to them and my husband because to them words means everything, and they absorb all of it. 

saben mothers day campaign black odile handbag worn by po betton

What are the values you have that you see in your kids?

Compassion, Honesty, Kindness, Selflessness, Empathy. These are the values that I believe my 3 kids have.

You experience some tough times with Jeremiah’s father? Do you have any words of comfort to other women in similar spaces?

Never be afraid to ask for help, your mental health is the most important when it comes to taking care of yourself. Your children feel everything that you feel so find the courage to place yourself in a healthy space, tomorrow the sun will rise again for another day. 

saben mothers day campaign pou betton wearing saben leather handbag

You have an incredible husband James with whom you had your 2 youngest Aaliyah and Wolf. How are you both navigating the world of parenthood?

It’s so funny because my husband and I are the opposite of each other, yet we both share the same family value which is why we love being parents. I have been very lucky to have such a hands-on husband which makes parenthood so easy.

We have also been quite lucky to have my parents and my mother-in-law as guidance to parenthood.

We constantly seek advice from them and tips of how to get through parenthood and because of that support we have found it super helpful to navigate and to be completely honest and I know it’s so cliché, but I can honestly say hand on heart, parenthood has been amazing to us so far. (Touch wood) We constantly have parents and friends and members of the public come up and tell us how ‘well behaved or amazing’ our kids are and how proud we should be as it reflects on our kids and it’s so heartwarming to hear.

You mention that a mothers love endures through all? How has your kids shaped you as a person / a mum, confidant/nurturer?

It has taught me to be more confident in myself and be more resilient. Ever since being a mum I have found this new strength that I didn’t know I had to be completely honest, I have become very territorial with my kids, I am very protective over my little family.

I am more empathetic towards others as I can relate to the struggles of being a mum and I find that I am more vulnerable, in a good way because it has knocked down many walls that I have put up in the past and it has allowed me not to be afraid of expressing and sharing the love, I have to offer without being ashamed.


saben leather handbag black odile worn by pou betton for the mothers day campaign

Po wears the Odile handbag in black throughout.

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