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Meet Marcia Leone | BY YOUR SIDE | Mother's Day 2024

marcia leone saben handbag mothers day campaign

 Marcia wears Beau Handbag in Black + Suede throughout, and her daughter holds Coco Mini Bag.

Marcia Leone, also known as 'Not so Mumsy' founder has grown a loyal following of other mothers who know the all too familiar feeling of ''losing themselves" in the process of becoming a mother. This disorientation can be daunting and is different for each mother. Marcia shares with us her struggles from becoming a mother, to navigating solo motherhood, and finding passion and purpose outside of motherhood too. 

It was a privilege to use Macia's home studio to capture the bonds of motherhood and our community in our first official Mother's Day Portrait Series captured across the Tasman. We hope you find comfort and inspiration from her story.

Tell us about yourself, your journey and what led you to become the woman you are today?

I am a mother of two based in Sydney. Before having children, I was a journalist and worked in television. I had a very full life with lots of travel and living around the world. When I became a mother, I wanted to keep that sense of self and adventure in my life.

I created Not So Mumsy as a community of women, who, like me, loved and embraced the new season of early motherhood, but also wanted to retain a sense of self and style. I started sharing my vulnerabilities in Motherhood from miscarriage and IVF through to the demands of juggling work and babies to becoming a single mother and found that this authenticity of sharing the challenges as well as the joys, is what resonated with a lot of women.

My children are now 6 and 12 and I’m now on the journey of rediscovering who I am as the woman inside the mother. 

marcia leone saben handbag mothers day campaign
marcia leone saben handbag mothers day campaign

What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood is a true gift. has given me a deep sense of purpose and passion beyond my wildest expectations. It has given me true perspective on everything and being able to see the world through the lens of your child is amazing.

It’s also brought me to my knees in many ways, challenged me to the core and helped me confront and heal parts of myself as well.

How do you celebrate or cope with Mothers Day? 

Being a solo mum, the last few Mothers Days have been a little more emotional for me. When your children are little, the father usually organises the Mother’s Day breakfast in bed and gift, so seeing my children bring me breakfast in bed and beautiful home-made cards all on their own is just so special.

My siblings and I take mum out for a mother’s day lunch.

Something you love and admire about your own Mother?

My mum raised 10 children! I have five biological and five foster/adopted siblings. She has dedicated her life to being a mother and has really shown us the true meaning of family and unconditional love.

 As the founder of NOT SO MUMSY, how do you balance the demands of motherhood with running a successful platform dedicated to modern mamas?

I prefer to use the term ‘blend’ rather than balance because I find the elusive balance, almost impossible to maintain. I like to operate in seasons.

Sometimes I am needed more in the home and other times I can dedicate a little more time to my creative work. I gave up the idea of a perfection a long time ago and now as a busy working mum. My motto is always “done is better than perfect”. Sometimes things have to give or you have to reshuffle and I’ve learnt to be okay with that. I love that I have created a brand and business that is flexible enough for me to work around my children.

We love how NOT SO MUMSY embraces the idea of retaining a sense of self amid motherhood. Can you share some tips for moms looking to maintain their personal interests and style while raising kids?

I think it’s important to really value self-care. To find passion and purpose outside of your role as a mother. 

We know you have a passion for holistic living and an adventurous spirit, could you share with us one of your favorite family-friendly recipes that embodies both nourishment and flavor, perfect for busy modern mamas?

I shared my "fussy kid chicken and vegetable soup" recipe over five years ago and it went viral and was shared tens of thousands of times from women all over the world. It’s still one of my faves, my family’s favourites, especially coming into winter. It’s how I pack all the veggies and healing broth into my kids and I would say 99% of kids love it.


1x leek

2-3 x Zucchini

2 carrots

¼Kent Pumplkin

1x celery stick

500g- 700g Organic boneless chicken thighs 

Azaela Grapeseed oil

2- 2.5 cups Chicken bone broth (make sure you choose a yummy tasting broth we love Nutra Organics Grden herb flavour!)

2- 2.5  cups Chicken stock ( made from Massel stock powder)

1/3 500g pack Risoni (can also use pastina or chopped spaghetti or GF pasta of your choice)


  1. Brown the chicken thighs (you don’t have to cook through)
  2. While they are browning chop the veggies keeping the leek separate
  3. Make up the bone broth and stock as per instructions in a jug. Please note quantity will vary depending on pot size, amount of veggies- just fill the pot up. 
  4. In a large pot (I use a 4L pot) add a drizzle of grapeseed oil and on  medium heat, sauté the leek for a minute or so. Add the rest of the veggies and another drizzle of olive Oil and sauté, stirring for a few minutes
  5. Add browned chicken, bone broth and stock until pot is almost full
  6. Add risoni or pasta of choice (this is optional) 
  7. Bring to the boil then turn down to a really low simmer 
  8. Stir occasionally and let simmer for 40-50 minutes (until the veggies are really soft for the kids.)
marcia leone saben handbag mothers day campaign


Tell us about your Saben style and your favourite bag right now and why?

My current fave is the Odile Crossbody- such a versatile bag - takes me from the school run over activewear to date night with a simple strap swap. 

Not so Mumsy is about finding our own sense of self and style - I love Saben’s modern and versatile pieces - functional for busy mums - easily elevates any outfit - and I love mixing up the straps depending on my mood and occasion - work- date night or mum mode. The one bag works for all our hats we wear as Mothers. 

Marcia wears the Beau crossbody in Black throughout. 

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