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Meet Natalie, a.k.a 'Wonder Woman' in our eyes. She is a long-time Saben fan who knows well how important having a village around you is when raising kids.

Having her first son Cooper at age 18, she now has 3 boys of her own and a daughter, Lulu, who she had via surrogacy for Christian and Mark. We had a soulful and candid convo about the challenges of raising kids as a solo mum and the unwavering love she has for her boys.

natalie wearing chelsea black bubble handbag for mothers day campaign

Natalie, what does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood is loud, full on, tiring, a juggle and sometimes it can be lonely. But it is full of love, it is a joy and such a privilege 

Tell us about your kids; What are they like, the things you cherish about them, the things that test you, and what they’ve taught you…

I could speak for a long time about my boys. 

Cooper is my eldest son, he is 15 years old. I was 18 when I had him, I grew up alongside him. I am beyond proud of him. He is kind, generous and gentle. He's coming into a young man finding his way in the world.

Mateo is 10 years old, he is my gentle soul. He will always be the first one to offer a helping hand, check that you're ok. He is so kind and such a thoughtful human. A total bull at the gate and lives life to the fullest.

Benjiis 6 years old. He is my baby still. He runs our household and runs circles around us. He is so strong willed, loving and thoughtful.

natalie wearing chelsea black bubble handbag for mothers day campaign

There’s more to your extended family than just the boys. Do you mind sharing your story of baby Lulu and her dads?

Lulu is my surrogate daughter who was born in November 2021. She is absolutely beautiful and just such an honour to be able to carry her for her dads. I met Lulu's dads via Instagram and offered to carry their baby in 2020. 2020 being such a crazy year as it was the start of a pandemic.

Our families grew into one beautiful village in this time and one that I cherish so much.

What an incredibly generous gift for Mark & Christian. What was it like being her womb mama? And that long awaited moment, when you got to bring her earth side and hand him to the guys?

It was so many things; I think for me the one thing I kept dreaming of was their healthy baby safely in their arms. She is such an absolute joy; Lulu will always hold a piece of my heart.

It was such a privilege and honour to grow her. She's absolutely perfect. I never like to think I handed her over to her dads. I simply gave her back where she rightfully belonged.

Do you have any advice for women looking to embark on a surrogacy journey themselves?

Take it slow, ensure you're all on the same page. Lay everything out on the table and have those tough conversations. Ultimately communication is absolute key.

natalie wearing chelsea black bubble handbag for mothers day campaign

Raising three boys solo makes you a super hero to us! Those early years can’t have been easy to navigate, what would you go back and tell yourself, or do you have any words of comfort for other women in a similar space.

The early years were beyond tough, I hardly remember them. I wasn't living, I was just surviving. My 3 three things I have always lived by with my sons is structure, routine is key and healthy boundaries.

I'd go back to tell myself that being in a relationship is hard, you cannot fix someone. Those signs were there and you need to notice them. 

They shaped me into the woman I am today so I am also thankful. Mother's have this incredible ability to make the greatest come backs. We are strong, determined, worthy and loved. We need to remind ourselves of this often as mother's constantly give our all to our children that we sometimes forget about ourselves.

What traits do you have that you see in your boys?

Cooper reminds me of my softer side, he'll hold back in certain situations. But he so very loyal, he's huge on family and very protective.

Mateo is my nurturing side and always lending a hand to help whenever and where he can.

Benji is my wild side, he'll be so straight up. He's determined to get what he wants in life and never take no as an answer.

It takes a village to raise a family, who have you got in your corner? 

I'm a huge daddy's girl. I'd be so lost without him, he is the most incredible man. My older brother is the absolute best and the best uncle to my boys. I look up to these 2 wonderful men so much. My step mum who has been there for me in many ways more than I could imagine since I was 19, and so thankful for a positive female role model and last but not least all my girlfriends. My amazing girl gang who have been there every step of the way throughout my life. Without my village, I wouldn't be where I am today.

What Saben bag are you dreaming of receiving this Mother’s Day?  

The Coco in Glacier, I want something that isn’t black and also a statement piece. It’s the perfect bag for what I was looking for.

Natalie wears new season style Chelsea in Black Bubble throughout. 

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natalie wearing chelsea black bubble handbag for mothers day campaign