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mimi gilmour buckley wearing saben tilly berry for mothers day

Powerhouse entrepreneur Mimi Gilmour-Buckley understands the juggle of work and motherhood. She's spinning many plates at once, founding Burger Burger, Mates Agency and most recently launching a Kickstarter campaign for new skincare brand I AM MI, which hopes to build resilience by teaching you evidence-based habits to fold into your daily routine.  

When her first born Olympia suffered a severe brain injury in utero, life turned upside down. A mindful practice, while washing her face, became her daily lifeline. We are inspired by Mimi's optimism, and resolve to find a silver lining in every challenge. We hope you enjoy reading this interview with Mimi, filled with wisdom from her journey through motherhood so far.

Tell us about yourself, your journey and what led you to become the woman you are today?

My name is Mimi - I wear my heart on my sleeve, I’m passionate about building businesses that make a small difference to people's lives every day.

Tell us what motherhood means to you?

Making sure that I look after myself so that my girls have a present, engaged, loving & fun Mama to learn from.  

Tell us about your girls; What are they like, the things you cherish about them and what they’ve taught you…

Olympia is a ray of sunshine. Her smile lights up the world and her determination & grace have taught me that we all have the ability to adjust our perspective around how we want our world to look like.

Octavia is a vivacious, optimistic ball of energy.  She reminds me every single day that I can choose how I want to tackle my day and that cuddles are the most important thing in the world! 

mimi gilmour buckley wearing saben tilly berry for mothers day

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Discipline & persistence.  My mama wrote it on a piece of paper and stuck it on the wall when I was a kid.  It's the reason I have been able to succeed in business and hold my head high through the toughest of times. 

I am indebted to the guidance, love and support my mother has given me and I hope that I can do that for my girls too. 

What advice do you have to share with someone about to embark on their own journey into motherhood?

Don’t overthink it & lean on the village! 

Motherhood is a largely uncontrollable situation and whilst there are MANY great tips & tricks out there (I recently really enjoyed the book, Kind, Firm, Calm, from The Parenting Place) trust your gut, love hard, have patience and when it all gets a bit much ask for help! 

mimi gilmour buckley wearing saben tilly crossbody berry

How do you balance the needs of your girls with your own.

I compartmentalize my time as best I can!

A wise woman (Kathryn Wilson) once told me that she made sure that when she was at work she was 100% committed to being present in that moment & the same when she was with her family. Simple but highly effective advice! 

You’re a huge supporter of Starship. Why is Starship so special to you?

Starship has lifted me & my family up in the scariest of times over the past few years. Olympia is a very regular patient and whilst we are SO lucky to have their medical support it is the compassion of their team that make it a special place.

mimi gilmour buckley wearing saben tilly crossbody berry


Any words of wisdom for mamas out there who need to take time out for themselves. How do you ensure you’re feeling as good as you can be? 

I know what my limits are and whilst this Mama still likes to push the boundaries I have some true and tried structures that I implement when I need to get my mojo back! 

Exercise has always been hugely important to my wellbeing and of course fresh, delicious food that feeds your mind & body! 

What Saben bag is on your wish list and why? 

Blaise Crossbody because I always need my phone, glasses & lip gloss while I’m carrying around my children…the crossbody is CHIC CHIC CHIC & also practical…my fave combo! xx

Mimi and daughter Octavia wear the Tilly Crossbody in Berry.

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