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Saben Lad Loving Session - We present... Jay Goodey

Meet Jay Goodey, Jay Goodey is the main man behind the super successful online designer shopping website, Onceit! We borrowed five minutes of Jay’s time to chat about all the ‘goodey’ things in life.


Style Resume

What is your go-to option of clothing: Black tee shirt/black jeans What’s your most loved piece of clothing including shoes: Over winter I live in a couple of duffle jackets - they are pretty much the same but in different colours. I think they look good with a new tee or dress it up with a shirt and knit. Best online clothing/fashion purchase: Probably a pair of Nudie jeans a couple of seasons ago from Onceit. They are still going strong and are even more comfy as they age. My fave Saben piece: I have the Oskar in black, it's great for travel to keep all the important things like passport etc safe. What 'lad' essentials do you carry: Pretty much I normally only have iphone, wallet, sunglasses, keys, gum, maybe some fragrance if I am traveling.

Jay's Top Saben Picks

oskarblack     aceolive   oskarinside    cory   oskartan

What is Jay digging at the moment…

Watching: I started getting in to Breaking Bad which is pretty addictive. I also have been known to watch a bit of sport (rugby, surfing) Wanting: A new surfboard Needing: More sneakers Eating: Anything out of Jamie Olivers 15 minutes meals(love the challenge of speed cooking) Plum & white chocolate muffins from my local coffee shop. Favorite eateries round Auckland are Ebisu, Depot, Eight.2, Mexico, Food Truck Listening to: The Cranberries Hits haha + The Killers, Mr Little Jeans, Shapeshifter, The Weekend, Drake, Bahamas, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, Fleetwood Mac - real mixed bag


Lets talk Onceit

Three years since you started Onceit – what has been your ultimate highlight so far? We hit 100,000 members recently which was always a goal. Quite a cool feeling. How did the name Onceit come about? Don't really have a good story around the name, pretty much I wanted Once but the domain was taken so went with Onceit, it kind of worked out as it meant we could get all the social media handles /onceit as it's quite an unusual word. Any upcoming news/updates for Onceit: Our main vision is to keep our members excited and delighted with amazing product and streamlining our service such as web and shipping. Also one area that we have been trying a bit recently is furniture and more bigger ticket homeware pieces which we are looking to expand. An inspiration quote from Jay Goodey himself: Have a resolute belief in your idea if you don't no one else will.


Love the Sabenettes xx