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Woman in Business : Lilah Lind

Meet Lilah, the babe behind swoon-worthy homewares business Bohème Home. The girl has hustle. She’s also clever, driven, funny and gorgeous! She can speed task like nobody’s business (juggling two kids and a business teaches you an extra thing or two about that) Despite her busy schedule running Boheme Home and mum’ing son Boh (5 years) and daughter Billie (9 months), Lilah is always looking for new pieces to love, products to source or create. Did we mention she always knows about the cool stuff before it’s cool.

So read more on the blog and enjoy her awesome-ness.

 Saben Walker belt bag Lilah Lind Boheme Home

Boheme Home

A love affair with Bali. You’ve lived there for a while, right? What do you think it is about that magical island that keeps calling you back?

I have travelled a lot through Asia but I have had a love affair with Bali since the minute I stepped foot on that small island. So, when my husband proposed in 2013, there was no question we would get married there. Through the planning process my wedding planner and I became friends and it ended in a job proposal.  With the love affair still strong we could not pass this opportunity up so we packed up our life in NZ (with a 3 year old in tow) and moved over. I really got a good feel for Bali in our year there, I worked, we made friends, explored parts of the island you wouldn’t on holiday and the love affair became a solid marriage.

This is when Bohème was born. I don’t know what it is with that little island that keeps calling you back, the friendly people, the strong culture, the smells, the sights, the sun… It’s somewhere that will always be special to our family and I’m sure will be our holiday spot until the kids are old enough to take themselves!

Bohème Home is largely sourced and produced in Bali –Tell us about the ethics and sustainability mantra behind BH

Working alongside people that you trust makes such a difference. They trust me, I trust them and we are both supporting each other.

The pieces we produce in Bali are all completely sustainable, either rattan or wood, and are 100% ethically handmade by our amazing makers. We love that by sourcing and designing in this country we are keeping their amazing skills alive and supporting the small family run businesses.

Tell us a bit about your suppliers and makers? 

I knew when I met these people that we would create amazing working relationships but what I didn’t know at the time is that it would be for my own business. I have been working alongside my makers and suppliers for over two years now and they are like family. The first thing that happens when I arrive in Bali is I jump on the back of a scooter with one of the suppliers and trip for 30 minutes into a village to our rattan factory. I arrive to 20 workers all so friendly and welcoming and start to check my samples one by one.  It makes me feel so happy when I’m there knowing that our little business is contributing in providing jobs for all of those men and women and keeping their dreams alive. I will never stop doing that part of the design process. I think it’s what sets us apart from the rest. Its hands on the whole way.

14 years in retail before starting your own gig? Give us the lowdown on your story to date.

I have worked in fashion buying and retail since leaving school. This has really been the best apprenticeship to get me to where I am today.  It was just a natural progression after working my way up the ladder to finally give something of my own a go.  After we moved to Bali everything else seemed to fall into place for Boheme Home. We decided that we wanted to have another child and I realised it was ‘now or never’ so Bohème Home was born!

What has been your most rewarding part of starting your own business to date?

It’s all still really rewarding to be honest. The growing social media, every single sale  (I still do a happy dance), being at home with my daughter and working on my big dream is a pretty good feeling. The buying and selling of a product I have designed or sourced. Its’ all pretty bloody good.

Primarily online… can we expect to see a bricks and mortar store from you anytime soon?

Merchandising and styling my own shop everyday would be THE DREAM.  I’d love to open a Boheme Home store one day! For now, my online store works perfectly with our young children and lifestyle. In the meantime, I’m so so excited to be joining SABEN in store for my very first pop up shop soon.... Saben x Boheme watch this space!

Home styling tips and tricks:

I think in most cases less is definitely more. I’m trying to use this mantra in my own home, as you can imagine it’s very easy to get carried away when you are designing and importing furniture and homewares. I just want something new from every collection.

I would say just choosing a few key pieces for each room, ones that you will have for a very long time and work around them. You want statement pieces that are enough on their own rather than a whole lot of ‘things’. Simplicity is key.

Describe your personal style (dress):

My personal style would definitely be described as relaxed. I like to be comfy above all else. Most days I’m in a linen shirt (deiji studios) and jeans. I think my style reflects Bohème Home in a sense that it’s comfy, chill, by the beach type wear. Mostly neutral unless I’m feeling really adventurous just like my Insta feed!

What are you currently working on?

Just my next collection at the moment, there is always new designs and ideas in the pipelines. My head is a creative explosion most of the time with a million ideas floating around.  

Home life, tell us about your babies Boh and Billie and Mr Boheme Home?

My husband and I have been together for 8 years and married for 3. Hes really the main reason Bohème Home was possible. There was plenty of other things we could have invested our money in (including a first home) but he knew I was ready to give it a shot and pushed me to get it started. He always backs me 100%. I never tell him, but I'm pretty lucky!

We have two ratbags that keep us on our toes, Boh 5 years and Billie 9 Months. We are pretty busy but I have to say the age gap has definitely played a big role in fitting it all in. Boh was lucky enough to live in Bali for a year prior to Billie being born. It was an amazing time together as a family of 3 but now I'm lucky to have Bohème Home at this point in time which allows me to be at home with Billie in these young years.

How do you make time for yourself?

At the moment my me time is night time fitness and yoga (once the kids are in bed) – in the summer it will probably be replaced with wine.

Simple daily pleasures?

So simple.. coffee!

Any style muses you follow?

There are a couple of insta accounts you need in your life!

Erena Te Paa – her home and style is EVERYTHING! I honestly want to move in. She is my home inspo.

I also adore the home (and clothes) of Magali Pascal. Magali’s Bali home is unreal, its minimalist but beautiful.

The ultimate style/muma muse is Sarah Shabacon from Bohème Goods. If you’re not following her thrifty goodness and beautiful instagram you need to.

Lilah Lind Boheme Home wears Saben Bex handbag

Lilah Lind  of Boheme Home wears Saben Walker belt bag

Lilah wears Bex handbag in black for carrying-all and NEW Walker belt bag for carrying-less. The perfect duo as Lilah transitions been work, travel and mum-mode.

For more from Lilah and her swoon-worthy homewares follow her on instagram @bohemehome and