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Saben Celebrates Spring with a Floral Collaboration; Introducing Primavera


Spring Image Project / Photography: Mike Rooke

Bidding farewell to what feels like a long, wet winter, Saben collaborate with four floral designers to celebrate spring. "Primavera," the Italian word for spring, roughly translates to mean "first true." The first true full season of the Gregorian calendar, but also the first true chance that flowers have to bloom

To help inspire some spring mood, the four designers have created five beautiful floral compositions made up of seasonal blooms. And what's more, each bouquet is paired with, and inspired by its own beautifully designed handbag from the newest Saben collection, Exhale.

“For me, the design is always about more than just the product itself, asides from function, it is a form of expression. I love that the arrangements have become a standalone art form. It is exciting to be collaborating with these floral designers to revel in the new season and celebrate the uniqueness, both of the flowers and of each handbag” says Roanne.

The floral work is very natural, flowing, textural, calm, elegant, sophisticated and unpretentious. All synonymous with Saben design, it is hard to distinguish if we are discussing the handbags or the flowers.

Saben staple Big Sis’ Tilly in chestnut becomes the foundation for Eden Kersten, head florist at Auckland’s The Botanist arrangement who pairs slipper orchids and begonia leaves with the bag. “As the details in these flowers are just incredible, I feel like they are not your stereotypical flower and they showcase so much personality. I love how each bloom is different, and how the heads stand proudly on top of their furry stems”Says Eden.

Inspired by the project, Eden takes on a second arrangement and pairs oversized Saben Luna tote with hellebore flowers in two varieties to explore scale and volume “they look stunning on mass, with the layered petals and unusual frilly details.” Says Eden.

Tina Heffer, owner designer of The Birdcage in Te Awamutu was paired with Cami in linen as she likes to be inspired by the natural offering “I am a bit of whatever takes me at the time.” Texture, balance and colour are explored, “thetones were perfect to pair with Cami and the succulents & gum add unexpected interest and texture”Tina explains.

Georgie Malyon more renown for her darker take on the art form, creates a bouquet inspired by new Saben Rebe handbag and the moodiness of the prussian colour. Inspired by the internal lining, Malyon introduces bronze detailing. Texture and balance are pushed to a sculptural and painterly dimension with her use of spray paint. Floral design is for her a continuation of a long and diverse art practice.

I use a lot of paint and other mediums combined with fresh and dried flowers to create my own floral style. I wanted to bring my love of flower play to the shoot. My style is more is more” Georgie Says

As a big fan of colour in her work, it is no wonder Lucy of Lu Diamond Flowers was paired with Mae handbag in a crisp white and Saben staple Tilly in aptly named poppy red. “I love colours and lush frilly petals. For this arrangement I used carnations, anemones, mini cymbidiums and anthuriums - they all have that full lush heavy petal look and feel. Perfect for a beautiful arrangement that has texture and depth without being "too busy or overthought". Says Lucy of her work.

Saben will host a variety of in store and online activations with each florist over spring. The Exhale collection is available in Saben stockists throughout NZ and Australia, in the Saben flagship store and online. Prices from $65 to $589.

Saben Spring Primavera collab with Georgie Malyon flowers

Lucy Houghton, Lu Diamond Flowers inspired by Saben Mae handbag in white $420 and Tilly wallet in poppy $250

Saben celebrates Spring with Primavera collab with Tina Heffer of The Birdcage Te Awamutu

Tina Heffer, The Birdcage NZ inspired by Saben Cami handbag in linen $420

Saben spring primavera floral collab with Georgie Malyon inspired by Rebe handbag in prussian navy

Georgie Malyon, Greenpoint Studios inspired by Saben Rebe handbag in prussian $469

Saben Spring Floral Collaboration with Eden Kersten head florist at The Botanist featuring Juno Tote

Eden Kersten, The Botanist inspired by Saben Juno tote $489

Saben Spring Floral Collaboration with Eden Kersten head florist at The Botanist

Eden Kersten, The Botanist inspired by Saben Big Sis’ Tilly in chestnut $350

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