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Mums the word: Kirsten Reid

To say she is lovely would be an understatement. Kirsten is a kind soul and generous heart with a capacity to love like no other. Hailing from The Mt with husband Hayden and her three kids Isaac, 11 years, Cruz, 10 years, and Stella, 6 years, we talk about motherhood, wellness and raising babies by the sea.

Kirsten Reid for Saben MOthers Day image series


Have you always lived seaside? What drew you to The Mt? Does the ocean play into your parenting?

I grew up in Hamilton and we would spend every Easter holidays here as a kid.  I never dreamed of one day living in this paradise I now get to call home.  Marrying a special boy from the Bay helped that dream come true. We do spend so much time at the beach. Breathing in the sea air, the ocean, the sand and the waves are all so good for your mind, body and soul! It has a way of fixing everything. Kids fight less at the beach, your mind seems clearer at the beach, you just become so grateful to be surrounded by so much beauty.  It’s also huge for us to spend as much time together as a family so you would often catch us going for a skate, bike or walk down to the beach after dinner just to hang out some more and reset before its bed time!  We lived in Italy for four years so their way of life has rubbed off on us.  We will always choose to do things as a family first and spend quality time with each other.  Our family will always come first, always has and always will.  


Tell us a bit about your kids

I am not a very proud person but get me talking about my kids and I will truly be that mum.

Isaac our eldest is the child that everyone loves.  His fan club just grows with everyone that meets him - he is that kid! He is so kind, thoughtful, polite, yet so tough, he loves to have a good conversation with you, he is a gentle leader, he is passionate about life, people and all the sports that he can’t get enough of.  He is an incredible older brother always looking out for them and little kids just love him because he has so much time for them.  He was our miracle boy and so he has something seriously special about him. 

Cruz Miller - his middle name means significant worth and he so is that to our family.  He is the one that is always making us laugh.  He has an incredible wit and is super quick with it.  The timing of his jokes are impeccable and often hits it out of the park with all the adults around him.  The funny thing is that the kids often miss the jokes he is that good. He is a jokester for sure but he has such a kind heart.  You will often find him reading Stella books because he knows how hard it is for her and he will play games with her to keep her entertained.  He is our social bunny always wanting be with his friends.  Cruz will always choose quality over quantity when it comes to friends. He has his tight five and they are so cute together!  One of my favourites things about this kid is his snuggles - straight to his mamas heart.  He knows how to get me big time.

Stella - our baby girl.  Her name means star and shining light and that she so is. Stella is truly one of a kind.  Her kindness, her sass, her loving spirit, her competitive nature, her caring heart, her perfectionism and her inner beauty makes it impossible to find another soul like her.  And I love that - she is so uniquely her.  She is so playful, full of life and a such a strong determined little thing.  She has a heart of gold – it’s just that some days we need to draw it out of her.  She is a leader through and through - watch out world.  Stella is coming for you.


What is the best part about being their mother?

Seeing them become the beautiful kind hearted children that they are born to be. We feel very blessed to be chosen as their parents, so it’s our job to bring them up the best we possibly can. It messes with your heart like nothing else. They are basically walking around holding our hearts in their hands. We believe in them, we adore them, we want the very best for them.


Favourite part of your upbringing that you find yourself manifesting in your children’s

We were always going on holidays as kids and I love those memories.  They would be planned for months in advance and we so looked forward to them.  We had pretty specific places that we would go to at certain times of the year -  year in and year out and it was such a special family time together. My husband and I have a constant need for adventure and our kids love it too.  We are lot more spontaneous and less planned than the family I grew up in.  We are the crazy family that sometimes just drive, not knowing where we will end up.  My parents would never have done that!  It used to kill me but now I am truly a Reid.  Our kids love that we mix it up and discover different places together.


The most valuable thing you learned from your mother?

My mother is literally a saint, an angel on earth.  Ask anyone that knows her and they will say the exact same thing.  She is the most loved woman I know.  She has had a lot go on in her life and she could be so bitter but she is the most peace filled, gracious lady you will ever meet.  She is known to my friends not as her name Karen but as Nonna (Italian for Grandma - Isaac was born in Italy).  She is Nonna to every child she meets.  People are drawn to her for her loving and kind nature.  If I can be as quarter as good of a Mama as she is to me, then our kids I will be fine! Love love love her.  She is my best friend and I feel so loved, supported and uplifted by her on our weekly hang outs.  She always imparts so much wisdom.  You will often find me on my phone when we do hang out but I’m literally taking notes as she always has so much gold inside of her.


And the values you hope to instil in your children…

Love Jesus, love and value all people in our world and kindness will always win.


After having the boys in quick succession, what was it like having Stella?

The boys are simple - just loveable lion cubs really. Run them like dogs at least twice a day and feed them all day and they are pretty much happy little campers.  Stella is so different in a beautiful way.  You never quite know what you are going to get at any one time. But there is so much beauty in the mystery, imagination and friendship of a girl.  Our lives have been truly changed for the better having her in what was a very boyish family.


Motherhood is such a ride, with Stella just starting school what can you share with other mums about to step into a new chapter of mothering.

Just take time out for you for a while.  It is such a massive change.  For me I went through a stage of asking myself “who am I, now that I’m not a mama with kids at home”?  It’s the weirdest feeling.  I placed such a huge value on being a mama that when my time was now freed up a bit, it was all very confronting.  My little security blankets were gone.  It’s taken me a while to be honest, to truly work it out and that’s ok.  It makes me appreciate more, the time I do have with them now.  During the term I just crave to have them back over the school holidays and as a family we try to make the most of that special time.


We all know wellness is journey, has it always been a priority for you or have you had to make it one?

For me the mind, body and soul are all equal parts to my wellness.  

For me I know that exercising is my keystone habit.  If I am training then everything else comes into alignment.  I am more disciplined in life.  I read my bible more, I am a better wife and mama and I eat better.  What you eat truly effects your body the most but its way harder to just change that on its own.  When you are training you naturally just want to eat better so you don’t have to try as hard to change your eating.  

I’m thankful for always being supported into sports as a kid and that has set me up for life.  I was a competitive gymnast, then did dance, triathlons and half ironman races. When I got really sick in my early 20s my diet and training had to take a drastic change and I’m still learning even now what works best for me.


Hot tips for a mama right at the start of their wellness journey?

Just start.  That is the hardest part.  Once you have started you are on your way.  Pick the one thing you want to change rather than 20 as its way too daunting and you are setting yourself up to fail.  Pick the one thing and then you have a win, then move onto the next thing to get your next win.  Everyone loves to feel like they are winning and it keeps you motivated for the next one.


You are an early riser! Has that always been the case OR has it been a learned practice?

 Ha ha - by nature I would say I’ve always been a night owl but having kids kinda changed that.  Although I still find myself going to bed super late some nights and then I pay for it!!! If i want to fit my exercise in, it has to be early.  There’s no other excuses than sleep at that time of the morning.


What are your current health or self-love obsessions/habits

Read my Verse of the Day, F45 training then my morning rituals of Ahi Cider, honey and hot water and also my big protein shake with mango, spinach and QT collagen powder.  At least if I know I get all of that in at the start of the day – it’s going to be a goodie. 


You are undoubtedly a giver - What recharges you.

Giving does that to you.  The world of the generous gets bigger and bigger and the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.  That goes for money, time and giving out to others. Its super important to have that time for you to reset your soul but end of the day I want to try and live a selfless life not a selfish one.


What do you look for in a handbag?

Being part of the Saben team is truly an honour and I will never take it for granted.  The team behind this company are what has made me fall in love with it.  They are such incredible souls and Roanne has done an insane job at choosing who supports her along this amazing ride. She is truly a genius!

When choosing a handbag it clearly has to be beautiful - the reason I only use Saben!  

But also quality and functionality.  Ones that will last the distance and is just the right size and has the pockets in all the right places.


Favourite Saben right now, and next on your wish list?

My favs right now would have to be the Matilda and the Odile.  The cross over has been a game changer - where have you been all my life!

The next one on my wish list? Too many goodies to choose from - just when you think Roanne can’t do any better she pulls out another seriously amazing range. Love you Saben xxx

 Saben Mothers Day project Kirsten Reid and her children

 Kirsten Reid for Saben Mothers Day project

Kirsten Reid and Nonna for Saben Mothers Day project


What is your favourite thing to do with Kirsten?

Spending quality time with my girl…on the beach or around the Mount walks and talks.


What is like watching your daughter mother her own kids

It is amazing watching my daughter now being the best mum for her three children. I feel so proud of the way she makes each one of her children feel so loved, so valued and significant. She has so much empathy and showers them with kindness. I love the way she "calls out the gold" in each of her children and helps them understand how amazingly and uniquely they were designed. 


The greatest thing about being a grandparent?

While being a parent is wonderful, being a grandparent is next level and it is hard to put into words how your heart explodes with love for your grandies.  There is nothing like receiving their love and seeing life through their eyes of wonder. They help us keep a healthy perspective on what is really important in life, teach us to play again, laugh and have so much fun.

They really are a gift from God.