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Mom's The Word - Kate Clark

Business owner, farming wife, monochrome addict and mother of Ava and Hazel with a third baby girl due shortly, Kate shares with us what she loves most about raising her daughters, balancing the juggle AND what is on her Mother's Day wishlist..

Kate wears new style: Jemima

Best part about being a parent: Watching your children turn into tiny versions of yourself! I feel so immensely proud to see the hidden qualities I have passed on duplicated through their behaviour and choices they make. Conversations are getting so entertaining with how they think and view the world, intern helping me to look outside my bubble.

Favourite parenting advice: Give your children only two choices. Toast or cereal. Dress or shorts. Bath or shower. It might sound strict and a little old school, but it has been the best advice ever, especially in tantrum situations.

Values you want to instill in your daughters: Be the best version of yourself!! And on a more serious note… Take responsibility for your actions wether it be saying sorry, or putting away the toys in their bedroom. Teaching them this quality early I hope will follow through to adult life.

Work/Life balance: It is a constant struggle to get the balance right. Hubby Grant & I work minimum six days at the moment, not including nights in the office working behind the scenes which is just as important as shop/farm life! Prior to opening we lived the simple farm life, now with the second store open (Him.Her) work life is pretty hectic, but this will all change with #3 arriving this May and family life will be the top priority.

All the Mothers: I am super lucky to have three Mums in my life to learn and to lean on. All of them are incredible humans who inspire and challenge me to grow personally, as a mother and in the business world.

Personal Style: Black, layers, textures & more black!! Quality not quantity in my wardrobe - of course I am struggling at the moment being in my final weeks of pregnancy. But looking forward to shopping up a storm again once I have my body back!

Sunday Routine: Sleep in, pancakes - cuddles & movies!!! Usually that is our ideal Sunday - being the only day as a family together at home, but keeping it real with washing and cleaning thrown in there too!

Mother's Day wish list: A new piece of STOLEN jewellery is always on my wish list, but truthfully to have the day off would be at the top of the list! Probably dreaming but it sounds good…