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Mom's The Word - Brooke Fairgray

Saben marketing manager, bed linen obsessive and mother to Grayson, 8 months, Brooke shares with us her favourite parenting advice and what she didn’t see coming.

Brooke wears black and gold reversible Go Tote


Best part about being a mother: All of it. I love this kid with every fibre of my being and I have never felt so present and grounded. Motherhood has me feeling all secure with who I am and where I am going.

Favourite parenting advice you received: “It’s ok to WANT to throw your kid out the window, its not okay to ACTUALLY throw him out” this was brilliant, in the 9months leading up everyone is so generous with their pearls of wisdom, but this one really stuck. It was months before I could relate but boy I needed this mantra in that moment.
What you didn't see coming: Banana stains. Did you know? How did I not know this?! There are manuals, classes, mum-groups and forums for EVERYTHING, none of them tell you this.  Also, the nips. People do warn you about this one, but still. Oh WOW.

Family life:  My partner and I had an independent relationship pre-Gray.  Loads of advice came in about not becoming “flatmates” and simply co-existing for the common cause. But I have found the opposite, we are together (literally, as in in each other’s company) far more than before, and together in the deeper sense. Grayson has taught me a love like no other, and that has inevitably deepened my love for his dad.

Getting that balance between work and motherhood: I have only just started! Do you like the campaign? When this was just ideas on paper I didn’t realise how close to my heart it would sit, but these women are incredible trail blazers. Nailing it in their personal and professional lives with such style and panache. I feel very lucky to work with/for Roanne, and have her support in my motherhood journey.

Values you want to instil in your son: I hope I can raise an oak tree from this wee acorn, with a strong sense of self and empathetic heart.

Your Ideal Sunday: SLEEEP, CAWFEE and FAMILY.

Your own mum: Mum raised us to believe we could do and be anything we wanted, there was no pre-determined pressure from her to fulfil her ideals or desires for us. Just whatever our goals were – we had to do them at our very best. As one of four kids we were never compared against each other’s success, she really celebrated our individual strengths. I adore her.

Mother's Day wish list: I am actually so desperate for pyjamas! Is that too boring? Ooooo some luxurious lounge wear would be really nice. Any excuse for day time pyjamas hahahaha BUT just so I can stop apologising to unexcepted courier drivers for my home-less looking attire.