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Artist Collaboration with Bridget Daulby

"When combining the warm colours and textures we used in this collection, I immediately felt a connection to the seventies. It was a time where free thinking was embraced and the mood was welcoming.' - Founder & Designer Roanne Jacobson on the inspiration behind the AW19 Palo Santo collection.

Palo Santo is the name of a fragrant South American tree that translates to “holy wood”. This tree has been used for centuries by Shaman and Inca tribes in indigenous rituals, with smoke from the burning wood thought to cleanse, heal and purify the spirit.

Drawing from this era where women began to embrace their power, both the collection and campaign imagery has been created entirely by women for women. 

To set the mood for this collection, Roanne engaged artist @bridgetdaulby tocreate a visual interpretation which combined both the spirituality and the era the collection was inspired by. Producing digitally painted artworks which juxtapose a python spirit animal with warm and welcoming seventies inspired interiors and a nod to the cleansing ritual of the Palo Santo tree.

Saben Fifi Blue Grey Suede

Bridget creates digital illustration; traditional oil painting and ink illustrations, her style ranges from realism to cartoon caricatures, both of which express her unique point of view. 

Saben Tilly with a Strap Patchwork Python

Bridget says, "Working with Saben was really special, both Roanne and Brooke shared concepts which married perfectly to express the concept of the new collection. It all began with an intense brainstorm and developing solid ideas from there, the next step was putting it all to life.The beauty of digital Illustration allows you to be slightly more meticulous with detail, so the end result is even more striking with a cohesion between paintings as if they where shot in the same location".

We're thrilled to introduce Bridgette's painterly series supporting the AW19 Palo Santo collection theme. Visit @bridgetdaulby for more.

View the AW19 Palo Santo collection here.