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5 Podcasts To Help You Stay Motivated This Winter - with Alarice Stuart

Unmotivated and ready for a tropical vacay? We hear you!! We catch up with creative power-house and founder of Brand Babes Studios, Alarice (recently home from Bali) to chat about how to get out of the winter slump and find your motivation again....

Alarice of Brand Babes Studios for Saben

It's been about 2 months that me and the little babe have returned from Bali and to say we are struggling with the cold weather is an understatement. So I have been absolutely loving delving deep into the inspiring world of podcasts. Some would say I'm a podcast addict (I am!) but these podcasts have been seriously getting my creative/biz babe juices flowing...

1) Babe Chats

Ok I'm not being biased (I'm totally biased) but me and my business partner Megan launched a podcast and I am loving it! Not only has it been a new project to just get that energy going but we have interviewed some amazing babes such as Abby Plested, Skye Ross, and Shelley Empson just to name a few along and learnt so much from them as well as some actionable branding advice from myself and Megan. If you a small biz babe then you will love this one!


2) Own Your Hustle      

Own your hustle is hosted by Ruby Lee a side hustle coach and online entrepreneur based in Melbourne. Ruby is a like a bundle of virtual joy - seriously if you are having a bad day or your just cold (I feel you) this podcast will warm you up. I'm not a "side hustler" myself but I still get so much value and energy from listening to Ruby in my earwaves. She drops some real truth bombs from sharing her story about how her side hustle almost got her fired to sharing some deep dark secrets about her money story. If you love biz talk with a bit of mindset limiting belief  busters this one is for you!

Check it out HERE

3) The Pineapple Project

When I came back from Bali I was so shocked at how expensive Auckland was - I was like what do you mean this smoothie bowl costs $20?! Money can be a crazy scary thing and if you are in NZ watching all your girlfriends living their best lives sailing Croatia it can feel like a punish. But I love learning about money and this podcast breaks it down into the simplest form and will get you so excited about how much you can make and save for that European getaway! Not to mention the host Rachel is hilarious!

Check it out HERE

4) GirlBoss Radio

Forever and always will GirlBoss radio be on my podcast rotation! If you havent heard of Girlboss you need to go check it out right now! Hosted by Sophia Amourouso who is the ultimate girlboss who interviews the boundary-pushing women who've made their mark in an attempt to demystify this idea of success. And yes this is a female only podcast!

Check it out HERE

5) The Health Code

This is a new one in the podcast motivation rotation but a goodie non the less! Hosted by Sarah's Day a full time health and wellness YouTuber and her partner - expect plenty of laughs, real talk and health and fitness delivered in a very relatable no nonsense fad free way! I'm hoping that listening to this podcast will help me move my body and eat well this winter because seriously it's not easy right?

Check it out HERE

Alarice Stuart for Saben wearing Camden handbag

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